Francis Picabia, EXPOSITION DADA, Galerie Au Sans Pareil, Paris, 1920

Exhibition: April 1630, 1920

Dimensions: 16.2 x 12.5 cm

Design: Francis Picabia

Further Information: Inside the card is a text by Tristan Tzara. The exhibition was also accompanied by a catalogue of seven paintings and fifteen drawings, including ten drawings for Tzara’s play, The First Adventure of Mr. Antipyrine. Also inside is Cannibale, a monthly pamphlet that was available via subscription and edited by Francis Picabia.

Although known for his leading role in the Dada movement, Francis Picabia cut ties with Dada only two years after the exhibition. Picabia began as publisher of 391, which released 19 issues between 1917 and 1924. Tzara was invited by Picabia to contribute to the magazine. Their friendship and professional exchange strengthened after Picabia’s visit to Zurich in 1919, but came to an end in May 1922, after a period of conflict within the Dadaist group, at which point Picabia declared his resignation. Throughout his artistic career, Picabia engaged with different styles and genres including poetry, writing, painting, performance, and film.


Images: Images of the invitation and all other archival documents shown on this page are part of the online collection of Archiv der Avantgarden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

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