Opening: Friday, April 30, 1921, exhibitions changed every six weeks

Dimensions: 15.8 x 17.1 cm

Further Information: Société Anonyme was founded in 1920 by Katherine S. Dreier, Man Ray und Marcel Duchampthe invitation for the first show can be seen in the box on the right. The group organized non-commercial exhibitions, lectures, concerts and symposia. Within 192039 the collective organized eighty-four exhibitions.

It had an outstanding position to present not only young international artists, but also solo exhibitions with women, which, at the time, was extremely rare and uncommon. The invitation above shows the announcement to a solo show by the painter Dorothea Dreier (born in 1870), who was a sister of Katherine S. Dreier and who passed away in 1923only two years after her show at the Société Anonyme.


Further Information: An archive organized by the Yale University Library hosts a large collection of digitalized objects from the Société Anonyme, accessible via:

Images: Images of the invitation and all other archival documents shown on this page are part of the online collection of Archiv der Avantgarden, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden.

Francis PicabiaMan RayMarcel DuchampSociété Anonyme

“No sales will be made, but prospective buyers will be referred direct to the artists.”

Also located at the Archiv der Avantgarde, you can see below the invitation to the First Exhibition of Modern Art by the Société Anonyme in New York in 1920, with Van Gogh, Villon, Vogler, Stella, Schamberg, Ribemont, Picabia, Man Ray, Gris, Duchamp, Dougherty, Brancusi, Bruce. Opening on Friday, April 30, 1920.

As an example of how the SOCIÉTÉ ANONYME used the same invitation design throughout their practice, as well as how internationally connected they were, you can also see below the invitation to the 13th Exhibition in 1923.

The Société Anonyme was not only a place for exhibitions but they also had an extensive educational and pedagogical program. See below its LECTURES AND EXHIBITION schedule from 193031.

Société Anonyme also published several catalogues and small facsimile about certain art theoretical subjects. Below you can see Form, published by Société Anonyme, New York (Date Unkown)

Expression, published by Société Anonyme, New York (Date Unkown)