Daniel Spoerri, 723 USTENSILES DE CUISINE, Restaurant de la Galerie J., Paris, 1963

Event: Dinners, held on the occasion of Spoerri’s exhibition 723 Ustensiles de Cuisine at Galerie J.

Duration: March 213, 1963, with a different menu every day

Opening: Des Menus-Piège, March 14, 1963, 5 p.m.

Dimensions: 26.8 x 20.7 cm (folded out 26.8 x 41.4 cm)

Further Information: During his exhibition 723 Ustensiles de Cuisine at Galerie J. in Paris, Daniel Spoerri turned the gallery space into a restaurant. Every day, a different meal was prepared and served by well-known writers and art critics, such as Nouveau Réalisme founder Pierre Restany, poet and artist Alain Jouffroy, and poet John Ashbery. There are several references to other artists, including a Menu-Hommage à Raymond Hains, which began with a “Potage lettriste” and “Coquilles St-Jacques au gratin, Mahé de la Villeglé.” Spoerri, who founded the EAT ART Gallery in Düsseldorf, used food and rituals or objects related to eating, such as the dinner table, as primary material in his artistic practice.


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Daniel Spoerri