Jo Baer, Galerie Rolf Ricke, Cologne, 1969

Opening: January 8, 1969, 7.30 p.m.

Duration: January 8 February 24, 1969

Dimensions: 14.3 x 21 cm

Further Information: Opening her first solo exhibition in Europe at Galerie Ricke in Cologne, the 1929-born artist Jo Baer is today considered one of the most influential representatives of Minimal Art. The invitation displays one of the artist’s diptychs, showing two simple squared frames, which have become her signature. On the invitation card the gallery misspelled Baer’s name to Joe, which later made her reflect on her success in GermanyJoe sounding more like a male name. “My work was neither female, nor male,” Baer said in an interview with MoMA. In another interview with the Bomb Magazine she recalled: “The feminists had a problem with me; they used to call me a female man, because I was successful in the male world.” Jo Baer continued her career as Minimalist painter until 1975. Then she left New York for Ireland, and later Amsterdam, and focused on what she called Radical Figuration painting.

Rolf Ricke opened his gallery in Kassel in 1963. After a successful fair in Cologne in 1967, Ricke decided to move his gallery to the new center of contemporary art in Germany. After visiting the American Supermarkt show at Paul Bianchini Gallery in New York, Ricke soon became one of the main supporters for US-American postwar art. In the beginning Ricke focused on Pop Art but soon he introduced Conceptual and Minimal Art to the German market by showing works by Richard Serra, Gary Kuehn, Jo Baer, and Richard Artschwager, among others.


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Image: Images from this invitation are part of the Sammlung Marzona, Kunstbibliothek – Staatliche Museen zu Berlin.